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Microscreed floors at Newcastle Upon Tyne listed residential property

Added: 5th March 2015

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Microscreed decorative concrete flooring specialists Resin Flooring North East Ltd have refurbished a basement area in a listed residential property at Winchester Terrace in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

The town house which was built in 1836 and purchased as a family home by our clients. The couple decided they wanted a contemporary feel to their kitchen, dining area and utility spaces. Solacir microscreed was chosen as the desired floor finish.

Old defective tiled surfaces within the basement area were removed. The floor surface was then prepared by dust free diamond grinding to remove adhesive, glue and defective coatings from the substrate.

The concrete substrate was then vacuumed to remove all traces of dust and debris. Defective areas of the concrete substrate were then dug out. Homes and floors of this age were built before damp proof membranes were part of building regulations.

A surface damp proof  membrane was applied to the prepared floor surface and blinded with a dry coarse quartz aggregate. Once the damp proof membrane had cured concrete repairs were made to the floor area using a high strength epoxy resin mortar. Cracks in the substrate were also filled with epoxy resin filler.

A 10mm pumpable floor screed was then installed throughout the basement area measuring 88m2 making good the floor space and providing a flat smooth surface suitable to install most types of flooring systems.

A Solacir microscreed flooring system is to be installed upon the new floor screed after 72 hours to allow all moisture in the new floor screed to evaporate and dry out.