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Seamless Pub Cellar Flooring Scarborough North Yorkshire

Added: 12th December 2020

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North Yorkshire drinks industry and pub cellar flooring specialists Resin Flooring North East have installed 36m2 of seamless heavy duty anti slip polyurethane floor screed in the cellar of Scholars Bar situated at Somerset Terrace in Scarborough North Yorkshire.

The concrete substrate was prepared by dust free diamond grinding to remove a defective industrial paint coat and to provide a key for the new heavy duty polyurethane flooring system. Chases 10mm wide and 10mm deep were then cut around the drain and into the concrete substrate around the perimiter of the three areas to anchor the polyurethane flooring system once installed. The carefully prepared concrete substrate was then vacuumed to remove all traces of dust and debris.

The carefully prepared concrete substrate was then primed with epoxy primer and broadcasted with a coarse silica aggregate and then allowed to cure overnight. A 9mm resin rich heavy duty polyurethane floor screed was then installed upon the carefully prepared and primed concrete substrate by trowel in the colours Forest green and Stirling grey to complete the oparation.

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