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White poured resin flooring installed at London penthouse

Added: 7th January 2015

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A seamless poured resin flooring system was installed throughout a London penthouse by Resin Flooring North East Ltd. The new owners of the property which was situated in Greenwich wanted to bring a contemporary theme to their home and chose the colour white after seeing a white floor while on holiday in Brasil.

The concrete substrate was prepared by dust free diamond grinding and vacuumed to remove all debris and dust. The prepared concrete substrate was then primed with an epoxy resin primer and then left to cure.

A scratch coat of epoxy resin was then applied to the prepared and primed surface to completely seal the floor surface prior to the application of the poured floor.

The liquid polyurethane poured resin flooring system was then installed at a depth of 3mm in the colour white encapsulating the prepared surface. 

After the installed floor surface was fully cured two coats of a high quality uv stable polyurethane seal coat were then applied to prevent staining and scratching of the newly installed flooring system.