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Poured resin floors comfort flooring installation Camden London

Added: 15th January 2015

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A seamless poured resin flooring system has been installed throughout the ground floor of a domestic property in Camden London by Resin Flooring North East Ltd.

The comfort flooring system was to be installed upon a concrete substrate. The concrete subatrate was prepared by diamond grinding and vacuumed to remove all dust and debris. A fast cure epoxy resin primer was then applied to the prepared concrete substrate and allowed to cure.

A 3mm flexible rubber crumb underlay was then installed upon the primed substrate. A flexible polyurethane regulating layer was then applied to the rubber crumb underlay to seal the surface. 

A two component flexible polyurethane poured resin floor was then trowel applied to the prepared substrate at a depth of 3mm. Once cured the finished floor surface was sealed with two coats of a uv stable matt polyurethane sealer.