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Polished concrete floor overlaid with microscreed at York property

Added: 14th January 2015

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Resin Flooring North East Ltd have overlaid a microscreed decorative concrete surface over a polished concrete floor at a property in York. The polished concrete floor had cracked in several places within a month of installation ruining the aesthetics of the floor surface.

The polished conrete substrate was prepared by dust free diamond grinding to remove sealer and provide a key for the new microscreed decorative concrete flooring system. The cracks in the polished concrete flooring substrate were then chased out and exposed using dust free diamond tooling and filled with a high strength epoxy resin mortar. A woven fabric was then fixed over the repaired cracks with epoxy resin. This prevents reflective cracking in the new microscreed floor surface. The repaired and prepared concrete substrate was then primed with an epoxy resin primer.

The microscreed flooring system was then installed upon the primed substrate in the colour granite giving a contemporary and industrial look to the kitchen and dining area.