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Slip Resistant Floors - Resin Flooring North East Ltd

Added: 11th January 2015

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Slip resistant floors and floor coating specialists Resin Flooring North East Ltd have installed a high build epoxy flooring system at Manheim Car Auctions Bristol in the South West England.

The concrete substrate of 500m2 was prepared by captive dust free shotblasting to remove a defective floor coating and provide a key for the new flooring system. The perimeter edges were prepared by dust free diamond grinding. Cracks in the substrate were then chased out using dust free diamond tooling. The prepared concrete substrate was then vacuumed to remove all dust and debris.

Cracks in the substrate were then repaired using an epoxy resin mortar. The prepared concrete substrate was then primed with an epoxy resin primer and allowed to cure.

The primed concrete substrate was then encapsulated with two coats of high build epoxy resin floor paint in two different colours of grey. The darker grey being used to highlight the driveway. Safety yellow lines were then added to the perimeter of the driveways.

The whole finished floor area of 500m2 was then coated with a solvent free transparent polyurethane anti slip floor sealer.