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Resin Exteriors Surfacing Frequently Asked Questions North East

Added: 15th March 2015

  • Plastic grid system unsuitable base for resin bound

Resin Flooring North East Ltd have been installing resin flooring systems throughout the United Kingdom for 28 years and resin bound surfacing since 1998.

With lots of new companies entering the Resin Bound Surfacing market it is imperative for the customer to understand what substrate or base resin bound surfacing should only be installed upon.

Resin bound surfacing should never be installed upon plastic grids or ground reinforcement tiles, block paving,  flag stones, crazy paving or wood. Resin bound surfacing installed upon such substrates will likely fail sooner or later especially load bearing surfaces. Cracks and potholes normally appear where movement of the floating substrate or base occurs under load bearing and with rises and falls in the water table.

Customers requiring fully porous systems are recommended to use porous asphalt as the base for any resin bound surface dressing or surface. Please remember to always direct water away from your home and never install a fully porous paving system adjacent to your property.

Every resin flooring or paving system must be fully bonded to the substrate or base it is being applied upon otherwise it is highly likely to fail.

Rigorous testing of products has been carried out by all the major manufacturers of resin bound surfacing and they all sing from the same hymn sheet and conclude resin bound surfacing should only be installed upon a monolithic base of either concrete, asphalt or tarmac other than exceptional circumstances.

All concrete surfaces should be primed with an epoxy resin primer prior to the installation of resin bound surfacing. Bitumin based surfaces should always be primed with an acrylic primer prior to the installation of resin bound surfacing.

All resin bound surfacing is Suds compliant and does not require planning permission because it is a permeable surface by nature.

Resin bound surfacing is normally installed at a depth of 15mm - 22mm depending on use.

The majority of companies in the United Kingdom including Resin Flooring North East Ltd use two stone suppliers they are and you can view the vast array of decorative aggregates supplied by both companies by visiting their perspective websites. Most resin bound matrix are made up of 2mm - 5mm stone and 1mm - 3mm stone.

Resin Flooring North East Ltd have used the same stone binder supplier for many years and believe there is no better product on the market today. Our resin paving systems stand the test of time.

There are two types of resin binder used for resin bound surfacing they are both polyurethane. One is UV stable the other is not. Resin Flooring North East Ltd use the UV stable version for the vast majority of installations.

The average cost of resin bound surfacing is around £60m2. Any ground works required would add further costs to a project.

Resin flooring North East Ltd hope this article is informative and helpful. Contact Paul on 0191 6705078 for further information regarding our products and services.