Microscreed Flooring Eldon Square Newcastle Upon Tyne

Added: 20th October 2016

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Solacir microscreed flooring and decorative concrete interiors experts Resin Flooring North East have installed a Solacir microscreed flooring system in the new dining quarter at Eldon Square in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

The concrete screed measuring 100m2 on two levels was prepared by dust free diamond grinding to provide a key for the new microscreed flooring system. Cracks in the substrate were then cut out using dust free diamond tooling. The prepared concrete substrate was then vacuumed to remove all traces of dust and debris.

The cracks were then primed and filled with a fast curing epoxy mortar. A woven fabric was then placed over the filled cracks and fixed into place with epoxy resin.

Epoxy resin primer was then applied to the prepared substrate and fully blinded with a dried silica aggregate and allowed to cure overnight.

The excess aggregate was then removed by vacuum. The Solacir microscreed flooring system was then applied to the carefully prepared substrate in the colour stone. The three access ramps on this project were applied in the colour graphite.

The fniished Solacir microscreed floor surface was then sealed with two coats of Solacir matt polyurethane sealer and then two coats of Solacir wax to complete the operation.