Resin flooring seamless staircase installation Newcastle Tyne and Wear

Added: 12th January 2015

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Resin Flooring North East Ltd have installed our seamless polyurethane flooring encapsulating a timber staircase within a new build property in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

The staircase formed with timber was sanded to remove all contamination from other trades and vacuumed to remove all dust and debris. The timber staircase was then primed with a fast curing polyaspartic coating. Joints and voids in the timber staircase were the filled with a polyester knife filler and sanded. A second coat of polyaspartic coating was then applied to completely seal the surface of the staircase.

A flexible polyurethane flowable floor screed was then applied to the landings of the staircase and allowed to cure.

The treads risers and landings of the staircase staircase were then coated twice with a uv stable polyurethane coating in mid grey. Once cured the finished surface was the coated with a transparent solvent free anti slip polyutrthane sealer.