Epoxy resin flooring installed at domestic garage in Leeds Yorkshire

Added: 14th January 2015

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Resin Flooring North East Ltd Ltd have installed a flowable epoxy resin flooring system at a domestic garage in Leeds West Yorkshire.

The concrete substrate was prepared by dust free diamond grinding and vacuumed to remove all dust and debris. The prepared concrete substrate was then primed with an epoxy resin primer and allowed to cure. When the epoxy primer had cured a scratch coat of epoxy resin was applied to the primed substrate to address minor irregularities in the concrete substrate.

The flowable epoxy resin floor finish was trowel applied to the prepared and primed substrate at a depth of 3mm encapsulating the floor surface. The colour chosen for this project was kingfisher blue.

Once the finished epoxy resin floor surface had fully cured a transparent anti slip polyurethane sealer was applied as a final coat. A band of concrete at the threshold of the garage was coated in black using a polyaspartic fast cure coating as a finishing touch.